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Regardless of which part of the world they come from, people put security first: to come to a country where they can live without fear, in which they will be free in all aspects of their lives and be able to live their lives with dignity.


When a person has to leave his home, this person encounters a number of stressful and dificult situations.  A person leaves their country, their family, and their friends afraid of persecution because of their race, religion, nationality, belonging to a particular group or political opinion, and there are justified reasons that returning to the country of origin will face the real risk of suffering serious injustice.


The Croatian Red Cross operates and assists refugees in accordance with its seven fundamental principles of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent Movement - Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Universality, Unity and Voluntary service. The Croatian Red Cross actively provides assistance and support to all vulnerable groups of refugees who are forced to seek international protection because of persecution, conflict and violations of fundamental human rights.


Since year 2011, Croatian Red Cross conducts an Integration program and provides psychosocial support to persons who are beneficiaries of international protection in the Republic of Croatia. As for the term of international protection, direct assistance is provided to persons who are granted asylum or subsidiary protection in Croatia as well as foreign citizens who receive a temporary residence based on humanitarian grounds because of family reunification with a beneficiary of international protection.


Through integration program the approach is individual to each person. Activities targeted at people under international protection are aimed at supporting their integration into society. Users are provided with information and assistance on a daily basis in accordance with their needs.


Beneficiaries can get information, help, and support, learn Croatian language, learn about the Croatian culture, show their culture and customs, and participate in a structured integration program, with the goal of empowerment, inclusion in the community, education and employment that will enable them to live independently in the new environment that provided them with protection. The program aims to prevent social exclusion, discrimination and xenophobia.