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SOS Children's Village Macedonia 


SOS Children’s Village Macedonia is a nonprofit organization for social protection, part of the international organization SOS Children’s villages International, dedicated to protect children’s rights since 1949, when the first SOS Children’s Village in the world was formed by Herman Gmeiner, in the little town of Imst in Austria. The founder, Herman Gmeiner, dedicated himself to help and protect children who lost their homes and their families in World War II. With the support from many friends, donors and associates, this organization starts to help children from all over the world. In 135 countries and territories. The activities of this organization, are focused on support of orphans and children without parental care but also to children who grow up and live in socially disadvantaged families.

Vision - Every child belongs to a family and grows with love, respect and security

Mission - We build families for children at risk, help them to shape their own future and participate in the development of their communities

The principles on which we base our work are:

  • The development of the child within the caring family environment;

  • Social networks for support of children and their families are strengthened;

  • The best interests of the child forms the basis for all decisions and actions;

  • Children are involved in defining solutions for the challenges they face in their lives

SOS Children's Village Macedonia puts emphasis and focuses on family-based-care for children who have lost the care of their biological parents. Through the support for care of children in SOS foster families, SOS programs for youth care and consistent support for young people leaving care, the organization provides security, love and warm home for children who grow up in a stable family environment where they receive continuous individual support until they become young, contributing and financially independent community members.

SOS Children's Village Macedonia besides providing care for children without parental care is giving support to all children who are at risk of losing the care of their parents. Through working with and for families at risk we strive to pre-vent crises that can lead children to lose the care of their biological family. SOS Children's Village offers various forms of support to strengthen and stabilize families so that they will be empowered to independently manage their own lives and to care for their children. The family strengthening programs are very effective in improving the resources for families and communities, their ability to self-organize, employ or self-employ, as well as their responsibility for the welfare of their children.

SOS Children's Village Macedonia implements a project for Social inclusion and economic empowerment of young people at social risk. This project provides participants with support for employment or self-employment by acquiring new skills and knowledge, increasing self-confidence and creating positive attitudes toward the future and changes. The expected result of this entire intervention is a total of 300 people at social risk involved in the labor market as equal participants. Young parents shall acquire knowledge and skills for positive parenthood. Simultaneously, we contribute to the growth and development of their children by introducing an early children development programme.

We fully respects the different cultures and religions and its work is based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, highly respects and promotes the rights of children and through their actions is trying to inform the general public, as well as all the partners and associates of the challenges that children are facing and calls for measures that will pro-mote the welfare of children in the Republic Macedonia. Along with our lobbying activities, we encourage children to actively participate in decision-making processes that affect their lives.

At present we care for 112 children and youngsters without parents and parental care, we also support more than 150 children at risk of abandonment within their biological families.

About Emergency Response Project

A refugee crisis, a wave of exhausted people moving from one continent to another, carrying a child in one hand, and a bag in another, containing food and memories from their birthplace. A journey of 2.354 kilometers, overly tired, with no adequate clothing, ill, barefoot, frightened, deceived… more than 900.000 people, 580.000 of which were children, single mothers and young girls... passed through our country. Help and support for this unique tide of refugees came from everywhere: domestic and foreign institutions, NGOs, good citizens… SOS Children's Village Macedonia, drawing from its basic work and mission, concerned for the well-being of these children, in August 2015 started activities for help and support of the most vulnerable category of children transiting through the Republic of Macedonia.  Mothers, women, pregnant women and unaccompanied children, young girls and families were aided with more than 250.000 services within the Emergency Response Project for refugees in both transit centres, Vinojug - Gevgelija and Tabanovce - Kumanovo, as well as in the villages Vaksince and Lojane, in the Kumanovo region. In the Republic of Macedonia, The Emergency Response Project was implemented by SOS Children's Village Macedonia, financially supported by SOS Children's Villages International, UNICEF Macedonia and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. The 4 key components of the project were realized in a period of 752 consecutive days by 55 coworkers (psychologists, pediatricians, social workers, sociologists, interpreters and administrative and logistics staff):

 I. Psycho-social support and protection for children

II. Enabling communication and providing Internet access for the refugees, in order to prevent family separations.

III. Help and support in the form of food and non-food items for the target group.

IV. Provision of adequate infrastructure for the safe stay and transit of refugees.

The help and support were provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in all weather conditions... Support was directed towards: Children, particularly unaccompanied and separated children; young people (especially young girls); mothers with children; pregnant women; adults in need of medical aid or other support. Within the project activities, efforts were made to provide for the basic needs of refugee children and their families, such as food, shelter, hygiene, psychological support, education, medical aid and access to information.

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