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The Social Chamber of Slovenia is the most central and largest professional association in the field of social protection in Slovenia. It was established in 1993 under the Social Assistance Act on the initiative of a large group of reputable Slovenian specialists and experts in the field of social protection. The Social Chamber of Slovenia includes professional workers, colleagues, employees and volunteers from different areas of expertise, with direct and indirect work carried out through social welfare activities. The key goals of the Social Chamber of Slovenia are to integrate social protection activities into one whole, care for developmental orientation, provide high levels of expertise and professional competence and implement social welfare activities across all three sectors - public, non-governmental and private - which are involved at the local, regional and national level. Lately we took an active role in transnational and international networking initiatives with actors of social welfare activities across the wider European area. Also, due to our need and intention to connect internationally, we would like to present ourselves to you with our earnest desire to cooperate on international professional projects and network with yourselves.


The Social Chamber of Slovenia, through its activities and projects, has tripartite funding of its operations (from the state budget, membership fees from involved members and its own activities and donations) and has established the principles of professional equality and autonomy, open communication, respect for the diversity of disciplines and rebalancing representation and development challenges of the public, non-governmental and private sector within the field of social protection. All this allows for the implementation of the mission and vision of the Social Chamber of Slovenia in the sense of "integration, professional development and progress of social protection activity". The key task of the Social Chamber of Slovenia is the implementation of various public mandates and tasks, as defined in the Social Assistance Act and other legislation. This our basis for regulating the area of internships in social care, finding and checking professional skills and theory knowledge for workers, coordinating and implementing professional exams for professional workers, coordinating areas of supervision, preparing various professional opinions, verifying social protection programs and resolving various objections. Special attention is devoted to implementing the Code of Ethical Principles of Social protection.


The Social Chamber of Slovenia dedicates special attention to education and training in the field of social welfare and associated disciplines. As a part of our Educational Centre, we arrange different education and training programs, seminars, round tables and consultations with a range of experts.


Every year the Social Chamber of Slovenia releases the professional publication "Social Challenge" which presents modern approaches of work in the field of social welfare, the latest scientific and research findings, opportunities and challenges for professionals and project work in the field of social work.


The complexity of the field of social welfare requires integration of different actors for the purpose of networking knowledge, experience and professional competence. Therefore, at the national level, this integration role, within the context of the Social Chamber of Slovenia’s activities, is focused on three sectors: the Shelters, Homes for Mothers and Related Organizations Sector, the Social Carers Sector and Family Assistants Sector.


Membership of the Social Chamber of Slovenia is voluntary and includes different providers from the field of social welfare and elsewhere. We combine different professions, experts, specialists, laymen, volunteers and students. The diverse membership of the Social Chamber enriches us in various professional fields and provides opportunities for a multidisciplinary search for relevant professional solutions and social welfare development. At the beginning of 2016, we had around 900 individual members, 149 collective members and one honorary member because of her outstanding achievements in the field of social welfare.

Social changes and processes in the field of social welfare, which has lately become increasingly more global, frequently exceed national frameworks and therefore require different transnational feedback. The need for an international project and professional research activities are also evident in the Social Chamber of Slovenia as it is the most central and largest professional association in the field of social protection in Slovenia. Recently, the Social Chamber of Slovenia has taken on a new professional role in the field of - connecting and strategic - development of social welfare in Slovenia and the wider European area with different initiatives.


The Gerontology Research Institute is a private institution, specializing in professional and scientific research in the fields of gerontology, social security, education, management, organization, and other social sciences. In addition, the institute actively develops different national as well as international projects and is involved in execution of project activities. Our professionals carry out different counselling activities and training on current topics from different fields.


In the field of research and project development, the key value of the Gerontology Research Institute in complying with the high standards of ethical research, projects development, and collaboration with different institutions and social groups.


The mission of the Gerontology Research Institute, whose main objective is excellence in research and project development, is oriented on responsibility towards researchers and project partners, all those included in our research and projects, and towards the users if our research and project results.


The Gerontology Research Institute’s vision is focused on excellence in research and project development in the field of gerontology and other social sciences, where we strive to become the leading private gerontology research institute in Slovenia and broader within the next five years.


With professional, research, and scientific approaches, the Gerontology Research Institute aims to contribute to the understanding of current social changes, generated by modern demographic and other social processes in the field of social and gerontological science. Understanding and responding to the needs of today’s demographic structure of the Slovenian and European population, a consequence of

either natural or migration population change, is the primary professional and research focus for the Gerontology Research Institute to prepare reports, studies, research, papers, and national and international projects. The Gerontology Research Institute conducts research on dimensions of social, economic, and technology change, as well as multicultural and intergenerational approaches on all levels of social environment – local, regional, national, and transnational level.


The Gerontology Research Institute is affiliated with several national and international institutions on different areas of understanding the multicultural, gerontological, intergenerational, and general social context. Institute activities are performed by respected professionals, who are professionally active especially in the fields of gerontology, migration problematic, education, general and project management, economy, organization, demographics, non-profit sector, volunteering, team work, and research methodology.


Currently, the Gerontology Research Institute is particularly active in development of several national and international projects for different professional institutions in Slovenia. In the field if social security, the Gerontology Research Institute is lately especially active in collaboration with Social Chamber of Slovenia.

ABOUT Slovenian institute for vocational education and training

The Slovenian Institute for Vocational Education and Training is a public institution founded by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and co-founded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia in 1995. In accordance with the basis provided by the Organization and Financing of Education Act (Official Journal of the Republic of Slovenia, No 12/96), the Institute conducts research, development and consulting, and is a place where the state interests and social partners meet, harmonise with one another and connect within the field of vocational and technical education. 

The following are the Institute’s main areas of operation:

  • studying development trends in the labour market and preparation of occupation profiles as well as competently conceived occupational standards,

  • development of methodologies and preparation of modern, module-based education programmes for pre-secondary and secondary vocational education and secondary and college expert education,

  • monitoring the process of the introduction of education programmes, evaluation of final examinations and vocational matura and development of new methodical and didactical concepts of knowledge, learning and teaching,

  • training and improvement of knowledge in teachers, professionals and mentors in the framework of vocational and technical education, and provision of professional support and counselling to providers of vocational and technical education,

  • stimulation and coordination of various development and innovation projects in vocational and technical schools,

  • development of modern education tools and education technology,

  • participation in professional organisations and EU networks dealing with vocational and technical education,

  • management of the National EUROPASS Centre,

  • representation of Slovenia within the European Skills Promotion Organisation (ESPO) and at the EUROSKILLS competition in vocational skills,

  • promotion and encouragement of vocational education,  

  • National Reference Point for quality assurance in the field of vocational education SIQA-VET


  • By preparing development and professional solutions, the Institute will raise the quality and appeal of vocational education and training. By doing so, CPI contributes to the competitiveness of the national economy as well as to the social inclusion of the Slovenian population.

CPI’s vision: As the central national development and research institution in the field of vocational and technical education as well as training, the Institute will influence the quality of lifelong learning.

By developing, creating, expanding and applying new knowledge, the Institute will be able to respond to the needs of service users in a flexible and innovative manner, strengthen its advantages and increase its recognisability in Slovenia and internationally.